Refund Policy for My GoalBook Subscription

1. Subscription Fee and Renewal:

My GoalBook offers an annual subscription at a cost of Rs 365. This subscription provides users with access to our services for one year. Upon the completion of the subscription period, users will need to renew their subscription to continue enjoying our services.

2. Non-Refundable Subscription:

The subscription fee of Rs 365 is non-refundable. Once a customer has paid for the subscription, the amount cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

3. Product Exchange for Dissatisfied Customers:

In the event that a customer is dissatisfied with our services, we offer the option to exchange the subscription fee for any other product within our offerings. However, an administrative charge of 10% will be deducted from the original subscription fee before the amount is transferred.

4. Process for Product Exchange:

Customers wishing to exchange their subscription fee for another product must contact our customer support team at | 9321186043. The request will be processed, and upon approval, the customer can choose an alternative product.

5. Administrative Charge:

A 10% administrative charge will be deducted from the original subscription fee before the amount is transferred for product exchange. This charge covers administrative costs associated with processing the exchange request.

6. Renewal and Continuation of Services:

To continue using our services beyond the initial one-year subscription period, customers must renew their subscription. Renewal details will be communicated to users well in advance of the subscription expiration date.